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There comes a time in a persons life when they realize that their obligations as a parent will limit their artistic endeavors. There also comes a time when they conclude that the two facets of life can co-exist and strengthen one another. With two kids entering the equation in between the first LP and the construction of the second album there was a sort of forced realization that with an increase in life experience and a new philosophical outlook born out of the literal birth of two children comes an ability to construct songs based on incredibly impactful memories instead of hypotheticals that usually permeates teenage angst-ridden Pop.

This isn’t to say that the writing on this album is somehow better than the work of other artists. Just that the perspective is broader and the content more tangible than those who lack the similar experiences.

After nearly seven years of writing, working and living life, the newest record presents an opportunity to further The Ocean As Mistress in ways that a earlier release and a lesser evolution might not have allowed. With Insulation Resistance Test Record being the figuritive birth of a second child for a band and a continued evolution in what’s not just a creative hobby, but is the very definition of a lifelong passion.




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