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Forming in March 2009′ New York based My Arcadia wasted no time establishing a name for themselves. The band’s singer, Jacqui Sandell, fits the band perfectly, in an era where female-fronted groups are a rarity. Her pop melodies coalesced with intense, hard-hitting music provides a perfect blend that defines the band’s sound.

Within months of their development, My Arcadia teamed up with producer, Paul Leavitt (All Time Low, Senses Fail) in Baltimore, Maryland. The band left the studio with a solid five-track EP, “City By The Sea” which allowed them to tour the east coast region and play sold-out opening gigs, further proving their hard work and steadfast dedication.

With the year coming to a close, PureVolume named My Arcadia one of the Top 20 Unsigned Artists of 2009. Just over a year old, the young quintet has advanced further than the average artist. Expect to see My Arcadia in a city near you, because the band does not plan on slowing their pace any time soon.



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