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Greater Pacific

Greater Pacific


Yer Bird Records is pleased to announce the debut full length album from Southern California Americana band, Greater Pacific.  Staying true to their hazy, warm country folk, Incandescent continues to highlight the pining sounds of John Phinney’s pedal steel and the signature timbre of Kyle Kersten’s vocals.  The album features 12 tracks that speak to shared experiences of loss, love and joy allowing the listener to escape into these Americana country melodies.

Phinney and Kersten met while playing as part of the band Travel By Sea, the connection was immediate and they later joined forces to release the EP, Rainfall on Yer Bird Records in January 2011.  With the full band including Rob Smaw (bass, vocals) and Rob Cusick (drums) – they are completing their laid back Americana sound.  Incandescent sees the accent and vocal harmonizing by Gretchen Lieberum.

A self-described bar band, Greater Pacific has the unique ability to combine delicate melodies with the energy of a full live band experience.




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