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Second Dam

Second Dam



Second Dam is a band hailing from the lovely town of Ithaca, NY. It started from the broken bones of former musical projects that involved Kayla Sewell and KC Weston and developed when the pair met the other musicians of the band in a myriad of ways; Brian and Andrew at the school’s weekly open mic’s, PJ in a college a cappella group and Zack in academic scholar program. From then Second Dam has grown over time; with the continual weekly practices, the steady gigging around Ithaca and surrounding towns, and a constant cycle of new music helping them to stay fresh and continually develop the unique sound they call their craft. Their sound is always changing and growing, which can definitely be heard in the differences between their 2012 EP release “This Guy” and their brand new album, “Swimming” which was released in May of 2013. In live performances, the band commits to a high-energy style aimed at connecting with the audience, which seeps into the very heart of their music. Their music may make you smile, tear up, or dance: but as long as it makes you feel, their mission has been accomplished.




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