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Born 1986 in the southern part of Sweden, in a town called Röstånga. He’s always been interested in music and started out playing his fathers steel string guitar. When he was 15 he got his first guitar, an Ibanez Talman, and at this point he was more into metal and loved playing rhythm guitar to metal songs.

However, Paxcow started his music career as the drummer of a punkrock band called 2 Ton Satan in 2003. He didn’t have his own drum kit and practiced playing on his legs with the kitchen clock as a metronome.

In 2004 he made friends with Mike Andersson and Kennie who were really into Blink 182. Paxcow was a huge Green Day at that point but started liking Blink more and more as the three of them were practicing some of their songs. In the beginning his only duty in the band was playing guitar, but since Mike insisted they should have 2 singers he had to step up to the microphone. After a couple of name suggestions they all agreed on Future Idiots which comes from one of their teachers who told them they would be nothing but idiots when they grew up.



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