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The 2015 Vaulties

The ballots are in, and THE 2015 VAULTIES are underway.  Anderson and Bryan give their final word on the best films of 2014. Advertisements

Top 5 Oscar Locks 2015

With the Academy Awards this week, Anderson and Bryan reinforce your ballots with the TOP 5 OSCAR LOCKS.  They’ll each give you five bets you can feel confident in making.

Top 5 Non-Car Chase Scenes

Two weeks in the making, Anderson and Bryan present the TOP 5 NON-CAR CHASES SCENES.  They run down their favorite pursuits that occur outside of a vehicle.

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Due to technical difficulties beyond their control, Anderson and Bryan make an executive decision to cut the episode short, but not before a full round of Flickfessions and gambling on this week’s theatrical release.

Top 5 Injuries

Taking every precaution possible, Anderson and Bryan go through the TOP 5 INJURIES.  They run down the moments in film that will make you wince.

Sundance Preview 2015

The 2015 Sundance Film festival is off and running.  Anderson and Bryan went through all the films and discuss several of the ones they find most intriguing.

WATCH: The Beaver Trilogy

As mentioned on SUNDANCE PREVIEW 2015.

WATCH: Bald Bryan Guest Co-Hosting Tomorrow Daily #114

The future of HoloLens, Microsoft’s newest augmented reality device, a robot who learned to cook by watching humans on YouTube, and a stunning interactive art installation in Japan.

Top 5 Cute And Cuddly Creatures (guest: Alison Rosen)

Alison Rosen joins Anderson and Bryan to lighten the mood with the TOP 5 CUTE AND CUDDLY CREATURES.  They discuss the most adorable animals to grace the big (and small) screen.

Top 5 Train Scenes

Bryan and Anderson go to town on the TOP 5 TRAIN SCENES.  They run down their favorite moments on rails, both above and below ground.