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Top 5 Creepiest Scenes: The Dead Ships

Top 5 Physically Challenged Characters: The Wind

Fall Preview 2014: Union Specific

Top 5 Baseball Movies: The Sanderlings

Top 5 Traditional Gambling Scenes: The Coalition

Summer Recap 2014: In Gratitude

Top 5 Bullies: The Atomic Aces

Top 5 Mentally Challenged Characters: The Winter Sounds

Top 5 Robin Williams Performances: Stereoactive

Listener Questions IV: Inspector Owl

Top 5 Firsts: La Practica De Familia

Red Light/Green Light: Fistfight In The Parking Lot

Top 5 Inanimate Objects: The Smug Saints

Top 5 Gods: Ben Yonda

Top 5 Weapons: Scholtz

Top 5 Wedding Scenes: The Mayberry Shift

Top 5 Portrayals Of The Devil: The Maladies Of Adam Stokes

Top 5 Dinner Scenes: Lost Remotes

Top 5 Instant Streams: Cole Jarvis

Top 5 Racists: Plasma Cannon

Top 5 Bars In Film: Sons Of August

Top 5 Movie Moms: The Subway Surfers

Top 5 Movie Homes: Take Today

Top 5 Juvenile Delinquents: The Urethras

Top 5 Afterlife Movies: The M-Tet

Summer Preview 2014: Before Dawn

Top 5 Characters To Have A Beer With: Christin Nelson

Top 5 Actors Who Died Before Their Time: CoJack

Top 5 Directors With The Most Range: Madly In Dub

The 2014 Vaulties: Advocate

Top 5 Oscar Locks 2014: Alumni

Top 5 Films Directed By Women: Burning Avalanche

Top 5 Good Performances In Bad Movies: Dead Cat Hat

Top 5 Philip Seymour Hoffman Performances: Mechanical Hall A

Top 5 Movie Bands: Marius Paxcow

Top 5 Movies Where You Already Know The Ending: Good Talk Russ

Sundance Preview 2014: Smith & Weeden

Top 5 Fictional Cities: Elephant Rifle

Top 5 Instant Streams – Winter 2014: The Split Infinitives

TFV Family Christmas 2013: Randy Cassidy

Top 5 Character Studies: Uranium Orchard

Top 5 Debut Performances By Women: Hank And Her Ponies

Top 5 Debut Performances By Men: Scott Kay and the Continentals

Top 5 Gifts For Film Lovers: Union Specific

Top 5 Taglines: The Lounge Act

Top 5 Movie Cars: Second Dam

Top 5 Sympathetic Villains: Chairea

Top 5 Movie Grandpas: Shane Bertrand’s Squirt Gun

Top 5 Vampire Films: Sean Russell

Top 5 Movie Coaches: Buzzyshyface

Top 5 Alien Movies: Mock Puppet

Top 5 High Concept Films: Collin Kravis

Fall Preview 2013: Nikki Lynn Katt

Top 5 Pleasant Surprises: Still Life

Summer Recap 2013: The Sound Objective

Top 5 Gay Characters: Barricades

Top 5 Fish Out Of Water Films: Ben Yonda & Brian Keenan

Aloha Anderson: Mother Belle

Top 5 Uses Of Animation In Live-Action Movies: Big Dudee Roo

Top 5 Courtroom Scenes: Fabrizio And The Fever

Top 5 Character Unravelings: Vega Nova

Red Light / Green Light: MoonWalker BoomBox

Top 5 Character Introductions: Annie Corbett

Top 5 Characters With No Name: Phil Neal & The Wornalls

Top 5 Instant Streams: Marwood’s Fall

Top 5 Movie Pet Peeves: Part II: The Atomic Aces

Top 5 Breakup Scenes: The Royal Sound

Top 5 Coming Of Age Films: Flocci

Top 5 Movies That Need To Be Retired From TFV: Collin Obremski

Top 5 Douchiest Characters: Mr. Nissness

Top 5 Movies That Break The Fourth Wall: Stereoactive

Top 5 Kidnappings: Jay Lapp

Top 5 Film Animals: The Natural Thrill

Top 5 Documentaries Under 90 Minutes: Glowbox

Top 5 Crooked Cops: Bluesheart

Top 5 Foreign Actors Never Nominated For An Oscar: Tyler Scruggs

Top 5 Movies You Love By Directors You Hate: Kanisha K

Summer Preview 2013: scyp

Top 5 Film Threats: Marc Dyen

Top 5 Long Takes: Greater Pacific

Top 5 Shootouts: The Midnight Scene

Top 5 Self-Directed Performances: Bisonte

The 2013 Vaulties: Social Set

Top 5 Oscar Locks 2013: A Winter Downpour

Top 5 Movies Set In The 1800s: The Shakers

Top 5 Worst Date Movies: DJ T-Rock & Squashy Nice

Top 5 Performances By Male Child Actors: Devin Cuddy

Top 5 Movies With One-Word Titles: Tyler Stenson

Top 5 Movies Under 90 Minutes: Blue Winter

Sundance 2013 Preview: Tarantuela

Top 5 Monologues: Light Out For The Territory

Top 5 American Actors Never Nominated For An Oscar: Metric

Top 5 Movie Robots: The Heatheners

Top 5 Philosophical Films: Still Life

Top 5 Gifts For Film Lovers: My Arcadia

Top 5 Mentally Ill Characters: ManX

Top 5 Political Films: Hard Pipe Hitters

Top 5 Movies You Wish You Could See Again For The First Time: The Smug Saints

Listener Questions & Red Light Green Light: Into Arcadia

Top 5 Car Chases: Common Alias

Top 5 Killer Couples: The Sanderlings

Summer Movie Recap 2012: Melted Cassettes

Top 5 Topless Scenes: The Lion Faced Boy

Top 5 Dramatic Actors In Comedic Roles: Dub Sultan

Top 5 Comedic Actors In Dramatic Roles: Inspector Owl

Top 5 Con Artist Films: Jésus And The Rabbis

Top 5 Guilty Pleasures: The Ocean As Mistress

Fall Preview 2012: Janus 4-14

Top 5 High School Movies: Spy Device

Top 5 Foreign Films Of The Past 20 Years: Candy Cigarettes

Top 5 Movie Pet Peeves: The Dead Ships

Top 5 Movies Based On A True Story: Arcade High

Top 5 Instant Streams Vol. II: Cody Hoffman

Top 5 Movies You Loved When You Were 9 Years Old: ANOTHERHUMANERROR

Top 5 Heist Films: Natalie Wells

Top 5 Funniest Female Performances: The Winter Sounds

Top 5 Rock Docs: The Cameo In

Top 5 Good Scenes From Bad Movies: A House For Lions

Top 5 Worst Movie Dads: Phontaine

Top 5 “Classic” Movies That DON’T Hold Up: The Sanderlings

Top 5 Soundtracks: Ramona

Top 5 Actors With The Most Range: Man vs Teeth

Top 5 Narrated Films: Fistfight In The Parking Lot

Top 5 Worst Movie-Going Experiences: Lady Pista

Top 5 Non-Traditional Gambling Scenes: In Gratitude

Top 5 Movies NOT To Watch While High: Plasma Cannon

Top 5 Dark Comedies: The Bush Leaguers

Summer Preview 2012: FM Pilots

Top 5 Under Five: A Funk Band Named MACHETE

Top 5 Ensemble Casts: In Bloom

Top 5 Fight Scenes: Grover Anderson

Top 5 Opening Title Sequences: Moosejaw

Top 5 Movies With The Character’s Name In The Title: WAREYE

The 2012 Vaulties: Dead Cat Hat

Top 5 Oscar Locks: August Premier

Top 5 Directors You’ve Broken Up With: The Codas

Top 5 Anti-Heroes: Sons Of August

Top 5 Movies Set In The 50s: The Wind

Top 5 Acting Performances By Athletes: Aurora

Top 5 Good Movies You Never Want To See Again: Gloria’s Fold

Top 5 Directorial Debuts: In The Whale

The Film Vault Family Christmas: Alan Chang

Top 5 Movies That Hold Up: Sick/Sea

Top 5 Funniest Musical Moments: The Coalition

Top 5 Low-Budget Films: CoJack

Top 5 Gifts For Film Lovers: Crash Kit

Top 5 Movies That Take Place In A Day: Big Fok

Top 5 Revenge Films: Manatee

Top 5 Documentaries About Movies: Before Dawn

Top 5 Movies That Scared You As A Child: Kickbush

Top 5 Biopics: Future Idiots

Fall Preview 2011: Chris Burns

Top 5 Movies That Need A Sequel: Majestic Soul &

     The Incredible Say Whats!

Summer Movie Recap 2011:  Nixon & The Watergates

Top 5 Comebacks:  One Timer

And We’re Back:  Wrong


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