A House For Lions

Daniel Norman, singer/songwriter of A House For Lions, moved to Los Angeles to pursue the Tinseltown dream that is all too familiar. Finding acting less artistically satisfying than he’d hoped, Daniel spent some time in Berlin with friends to escape the LA scene and clear his head. While walking through a park, the melody for fan favorite, “Let Back,” popped in his head and never left. In early 2010 Norman began writing his first songs and seeking out kindred spirits to flesh out the sound of his bare-bones experiments. He found guitarist Mike Nissen, who in turn introduced his friend Eric McCann to the project, adding upright bass and keys. They clicked instantly. After a hard search, they added drummer Joe Luisi to round out the group. The band has developed a sound informed by Daniel’s roots in North Carolina and the progressive sounds of the Los Angeles indie rock scene, fusing an art-rock sensibility with elements of alt-country. Within six months the band had recorded their first EP ‘I Want Us To Be Remembered’, with LA indie producer Raymond Richards (Local Natives). Since then A House For Lions has been gathering swift momentum, garnering rave reviews from the LA Times and Billboard.com, making impressive debuts at CMJ in New York and South by Southwest in Austin, and establishing themselves as one of the best bands in LA. The band is planning to tour the west coast this summer and record their debut LP in the fall.

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