Before Dawn


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Rob and Kate base themselves in Austin, TX and tour frequently. This is a hardworking band.  They have played in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee, Miami, Orlando, Tampa/St. Pete and Sarasota as well as many more cities in Florida, Wisconsin and Canada all while continuing to excite audiences around Central Texas.  Before Dawn has also been wowing crowds at festivals such as Tropical Heat Wave, North VS. South, Texas Rock Fest, Mid Point Music Festival, Steel Bridge Songfest, Sled Island Festival in Calgary and more unofficial SXSW shows than they care to mention.

To date Before Dawn has three releases, “Drowning”, “Beats for Heat”,  and “Brush With Greatness” an LP, EP and another LP respectively.  The duo recently completed their sophomore full length album, “Brush with Greatness”, in 2011, as well as making their second music video.  As the buzz continues to grow the momentum of this touring machine seems to increase exponentially.  In fact Before Dawn’s work is slated to be featured in the up coming Paramount Pictures, film, “Fun Size”, in theaters 2012, as well as the documentary, “Going Attractions”, about the rise and fall of the drive-in movie theater.

Before Dawn is about far more than just music, they are artists and scientists who weave together sound, sight and emotion in a highly personal way. They even build some of their own synthesizers.  This duo makes music videos and painstakingly tend to every detail of their artistic vision.  They grow bonds and alliances with other artists and simultaneously remain fiercely independent and  DIY.  Rob and Kate Houle really just love to create, they approach Before Dawn, music and art with a wholly pioneer spirit.”




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