In The Whale

“We started this band while living in Greeley, Colorado as a fun escape from our main bands. When those bands dissolved, it quickly became our focus, and in February of 2011 we moved to Denver to actually get something rolling.

Our music tends to explore the sleazier side of life… the creepy guy in the bar eyeballing the pretty girl, the televangelist who tells you he can save you from the lake of fire, that one uncle you have with the gun collection. We hope to convey a sort of mixture of passion, aggression, and fun with our live show, and we like to think we do a damn good job at it, thank you very much.

Really we are just trying to be ourselves through this music and we don’t think it will be too hard for you hear our personalities come through the music. Our new EP, “CAKE” will be out in January 2012.”

In The Whale’s Facebook Page

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