Lady Pista

Lady Pista is a Canadian singer-songwriter-producer of the Sri Lankan decent. Lady Pista was born on November 24th 1987 in Jaffna, Sri Lanka (later moving to Toronto, Canada). She combines multiple musical styles ranging from hip hop to dancehall to hard hitting drum beats.

Lady Pista first began mixing record when she was 16. . Experimenting with different sounds she quickly developed her own unique twist to original records. After steadily gaining popularity throughout 2007 for her production work, her curiosity embarked her to create her own music singing, producing and writing her own music.

On October 16th, 2010 Lady Pista released her debut EP album entitled Ritual. The album was produced by electro/pop record producer Starwalker and co-produced by Lady Pista. Singles including Underground Dancefloor and Step Back gained recognition in the album’s immediate popularity. Her followup EP entitled No Apologies was released in 2011. Today Lady Pista sets out to release her debut album.

Official Website

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