Phil Neal & The Wornalls



Phil Neal


Phil Neal & The Wornalls aren’t exactly a new band nor would you call them an old band. More like some old friends playing new rock songs that sound great-probably the way you like music to sound…it’s a sort of “retro-modern” thing. Phil writes the songs and the Wornalls bring them to life. Together they create scintillating original music, and they care enough to do it right.

Phil Neal & The Wornalls don’t play Mustang Sally, Brick House, or Free Bird. You won’t hear any House, Techno, Disco, or Dub Step. No loops, no props, no samples. You probably won’t find them playing in very many beer joints, sports bars, or restaurants. They probably won’t appear at many proms, weddings, or corporate parties.

But take heart! The boys will be posting links to some of their new songs shortly. And live appearances are definitely not too far off.

Official Website

Facebook Page

ReverbNation Page




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