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I was perusing the cost of Gdansk or gulf of Danzig in Poland, when I discovered a cave. The cave was emanating a mystical percussion. I entered the cave with zeal. As I shown my light at the intoxicating sound I saw a captivating array of drums surrounding a god like figure. He stood in the middle of this mass spinning like a tornado throwing his arms like debris. Each flying piece hitting a drum with precision. I took a seat and watched this dance for two hours before I had been addressed. The man waltzed over gleefully. At the end of his waltz he extended his hand to me. As i shook his hand he said to me “You are the first person i have seen in years my friend. What brings you here?” I told him my story and he told me why he had spent so much time in solitude. He had lost all he ever had and came to Danzig to find peace. I explained to him that he could share his gift by joining the greatest trio ever formed. He graciously accepted.




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