The Natural Thrill

The Natural Thrill


The Natural Thrill are now hitting full stride, mixing their rock and reggae roots with a funky soul pop edge. If you mixed the Pop of John Mayer with Sublime’s Reggae, Foo Fighter’s Rock, with the fusion style of Maroon 5, you would find the core of The Natural Thrill music. This dynamic band is currently playing live in the Orange and LA County area. The Natural Thrill constantly tours the West Coast, and is the perfect fit to any summer festival. They currently hold 4 residencies at “Gallagher’s,” “Hurricanes,” and “The Tap House” in Huntington Beach and “The Post” in Villa Park. They are performing live on a regular basis at famous venues such as the House of Blues and The Coach House opening for bands such as Natural Vibrations, Micah Brown, Dread Zeppelin and Common Sense.

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