The Royal Sound

The Royal Sound


The Los Angeles based group is set to self-release their debut album entitled “Milestone” November 2012.

With a wide range of influences ranging from Jimmy Eat World to Modern Life Is War, “Milestone” offers a unique, raw sound not often heard in today’s rock. The 12 song LP is a modern display of passion, intensity, emotion and anger which rides the complex search for clarity and direction we all long for in our 20’s. The album was recorded over 200 hours of late night sessions at The Art Institute of California-Los Angeles and was engineered and mixed by Mitch Feuerstein and Vic Luevanos. The entire record is available for free download, so take it, listen to it, and come see us play.

TRS is currently working on finishing their latest record, Cinema. A concept record broken into two sides. A blue/light side and a red/dark side. Both sides depict the same story, but in two different points of view. The blue side is through the eyes of the son and the red side is through the eyes of the father.

This record will be released on vinyl as well as digital download. We are incredibly excited for this record and hope you enjoy it. The record will drop by Summer 2013!

Download their EP, “Cinema”

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