Union Specific

Union Specific


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The lights can get very hot. When you are the last band to go on for the night, the “headliner” as they call it, after having all night to warm up, those lights can be especially glaring. And, as they begin to fully beat onto the backs of Tyler Wallace, Gregg Maher, and Kim Taruc, of the Austin, TX rock and roll, country, whatever the kids call it, band,Union Specific, the sweat begins to pour out from under those “awful hats” and into the singers’ sometimes hollow yet, keenly alert eyes. Any seasoned expectantly listening showgoer, would note that the beads which begin to wet the mops of hair and beard of those up under the lights, do not accrue by way of discomfort. No, rather, this kind of sweat is a product of the hard work this rag-tag outfit has shelled out over the past four years in order to be successful in whatever capacity they could.




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