Fall Preview 2012

Dazed And Confused

The Guard

In Time

Logan’s Run

The Prestige

The Illusionist


Breaking Bad

The Wire

Pirates Of Silicon Valley

The Triumph Of The Nerds

Woody Allen: A Documentary

Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

Man On Fire

The Hunger

Top Gun

Beverly Hills Cop 2


The Fan

Crimson Tide

Spy Game

Enemy Of The State

True Romance

The Sessions

Cloud Atlas

Into The Wild

Django Unchained



The Master

There Will Be Blood

Killing Them Softly



Zero Dark Thirty


Silver Linings Playbook

Premium Rush

Searching For Sugar Man


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2 thoughts on “Fall Preview 2012

  1. Hey guys, love the show. Anderson the hipster and Bryan the, I don’t know, guy who doesn’t watch movies. In the past three months I’ve listened to all the episodes (I went on an epic road trip). One thing, you keep talking about Django Unchained and Logan talks about how it’s a remake of Sukiyaki Wester Django (which Tarantino produced) but there was a spaghetti western called Django from 1966. The movie’s okay I’d give it a 78%. But I think that is what spawned all of these movies. Keep up the good work.


    Posted by Hector | September 7, 2012, 2:18 AM


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